by TikiLIVE Team on 25 March, 2011


Interactive television is a direction where a lot of work has been invested in the last 10 years under different names again and again. The main  goal was to expand the TV experience to a higher level and make the audience feel more relaxed. While sitting on their sofa with a remote control people can be their own program director. With the spread of broadband with DSL, new more powerful software such as Windows Vista and new streaming devices, IPTV has become a synonym for interactive television - and the desire to reality and interactivity.

Eyepartner is one of the providers offering IPTV solutions. Our TikiLIVE solution links users of its streaming broadcasting service, combining social networking with HD media sharing in an unprecedented and singular experience. Marketing and brand building is a snap with TikiLIVE since a TikiLIVE customizable web portal comes complete with analytics that track viewers’ habits.



Through IPTV, companies - without the assistance of the major TV broadcasters - get right into the living room of their customers and thus develop a direct retail relationship. From their own TV channels, direct sales through interactive home shopping to interactive advertising, the full potential of this channel are exhausted. The advantages of television can be supplemented by the possibilities of the Web with personalized, 1:1 communication or payment processes.

IPTV at the Point of Sale / Point of Information

IPTV is the most cost-effective and efficient way of video transmission to the point of sale or point of information. Your content centrally and individually import, without having to perform complex installations. In combination with video and audio this results in completely new solutions that address your customers. Communicate up to date, where your customers are actually staying.

Start broadcasting your events in just a few minutes with our HD Wave Broadcaster. Connect a video source, set your bitrate, fps and hit the Start Broadcast button to get LIVE.





With IPTV you can reach your employees targeted everywhere and with lower costs. Whether e-learning, information, corporate communications, interactive applications in conjunction with Web 2.0 features - all offered by the modern communication channel. IPTV can replace costly business TV installations and add new interaction possibilities. The video sharing and social networking community TikiLIVE has made enormous strides in allowing users to upload and broadcast HD content as well as create their own customized IPTV web portals. In addition, TikiLIVE also makes streaming HD content extremely affordable. Furnishing a set of flexible yet powerful tools, TikiLIVE is now in use by entire communities to save costs while sharing vital information.



Live video streaming on the web spread rapidly, gaining in importance.Video communities like YouTube, MyVideo or Clipfish are booming as well as the television-oriented approaches. Do you want to have your own on-demand portal ? Eyepartner provides the best advices about how you can gain access in this environment and how to best use a strong IPTV platform such as TikiLIVE for the distribution of your video content.

With a TikiLIVE Network you will be able to:

- Start a LIVE Broadcasting Community on your own domain
- Sell subscription based broadcasting packages to your content producers
- Integrate Pay Per View content and receive a porting of the ticket sale
- Monetize your content by Integrating our Advertising module

For more information about how to get started with your own TikiLIVE IPTV solution don't hesitate to CONTACT US !