by TikiLIVE Team on 15 June, 2011

Broadcasting live content has never been easier with TikiLive! TikiLive is Eyepartner’s front-running HD broadcasting service that’s offers you an expansive set of tools for managing and producing live HD streaming content. TikiLive provides you with your own branded channel where you can view and broadcast HD content from your desktop computer. Using TikiLive significantly cuts the cost of producing and sharing your video content online.

TikiLive is not exclusive to individuals who just want to share a little creativity (although it is a great medium for that); it is also very helpful in professional settings. Let’s say you are CEO of a major company with branches all over the world. With TikiLive you can broadcast your company info from your company’s own channel within your TikiLive network. The branches of your company that do not share your time zone but must have access to your video, can always catch your broadcast through Video On Demand (VOD).

That’s right! With TikiLive all of your broadcast will be auto-recorded where it can later be accessed as Live or VOD content. Make sure that you store, group and organize your content in your company’s gallery. This will make it easier to locate the necessary broadcast. If you have several broadcast that span a variety of different topics, you will be pleased to know that you are allotted an unlimited number of channels within you network. This means that you have the freedom to stream as much as you wish.

There is an interactive chat ability that may be utilized with TikiLive. This allows your colleagues that are watching the broadcast to chat with you live. This is a great feature when conducting business. It allows viewers to seek clarification if necessary and you can ensure that all viewers are on the same page.

TikiLive is also a great platform for generating extra income. Broadcasters can set your own Pay Per View or VOD prices. You may decide to open your broadcast to viewers that are outside of your company but can also benefit from the information in your broadcast. Simply set a VOD or live event price. These outside viewers may be requested to purchase tickets using credits purchased through pay pal. You would then convert the credits that you earn for your broadcast into cash. This is done while earning the site administrator an established cut of the profits.

There is a detailed tracking feature that is standard with TikiLive. This feature allows you to know your viewer’s location and viewing habits. This information is ideal if you are looking to further monetize your content by ingesting commercials and advertisement into your event.  You can create marketing content specifically for your niche markets.

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