by TikiLIVE Team on 13 December, 2013

The HD Wave for TikiLIVE has always allowed its users to broadcast in High or Standard definition through its simple to use interface. Previously the HD Wave had only been available for Windows computers, leaving Mac users to resort to third party broadcasting software to stream from Apple computers, but no more.


Just recently, TikiLIVE released their first mobile application available from the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play store. Now we’ve made the advancement into desktop applications for Mac users, available for download right from the Mac App Store.


No Proprietary Equipment Needed

The HD Wave for Mac allows TikiLIVE users to stream quality content without the need of any expensive broadcasting equipment normally required with other programs or platforms. To get started, all the broadcaster needs is a powerful Mac and a camera connected to their computer, being either an iMac, Mac Mini, or a MacBook. To get started, users can

  • Download the HD wave Live Broadcaster for Mac from the App Store  
  • Plug in their video source  
  • Select their channel  
  • And start broadcasting LIVE!  

The desktop application allows broadcasters to publish up to 1080i HD video quality, streaming events and content live right to the viewers. The HD Wave software captures video in real time via Thunderbolt input and even automatically records the stream to the users’ TikiLIVE account for later access.


The HD Wave and TikiLIVE

Combined with the power of the TikiLIVE platform, broadcasters can stream content from their Mac computer with the HD Wave and utilize various features from TikiLIVE to enhance viewer experiences. Streams may be viewed using Roku Set Top Boxes, web browsers, Flash-based players, and HTL5 mobile devices.


Not only does TikiLIVE have desktop broadcasters for PC and Mac users now, but we also released an application that allows broadcasters to stream video and audio live right from their mobile Apple devices. Simply download the app, configure your channel, and you’re broadcasting on the go! For more details, you can see our page here.


Whether you’re streaming TV stations, movies, faith-based services, sports networks, game tournaments, or general IPTV content, the HD Wave deliver it all from your Mac computer for anyone in the world to watch.


For more information on how to start using the HD Wave for Mac or any of our other broadcasting tools and platforms, fill out our contact us form, or call our office at 305.289.4557.