by TikiLIVE Team on 22 January, 2014

With the new year beginning, TikiLIVE starts it off with a brand "NEW" upgrade. TikiLIVE broadcasters may now offer products through our newest WordPress plugin!


Updated Shopping Cart

TikiLIVE has streamlined the process of setting up a shopping cart. Users now have the capability to integrate their own shopping cart into a free TikiLIVE WordPress site to sell digital media, books, and hard goods! Now music artists can offer listeners their music using the TikiLIVE Better Than Radio, and then sell their music direct to their audience! All this from their very own personalized WordPress site with easy to use back office controls. Artists or may sell a track at a time, or offer entire albums of MP3s. This is the least costly way to jump start your business today! Upgrade to our latest platform and you too may receive the following:


  • An easy to deploy shopping cart, ready in minutes
  • The ability to offer hard goods, music, or movies for sale
  • Integration with PayPal or credit card for an easy and convenient checkout experience


Any channel owner on TikiLIVE can now run a full service, media distribution business from one back office! Please contact us for more details and to arrange for an online personal demonstration.  


Roku Adaptive VOD Bitrate Streaming

Being able to stream Internet content to a television is a big feature in the IPTV industry and is growing more popular each day. Roku is just one of the many ways that viewers are able to watch their favorite shows and more at home and online right through their television.


While some viewers may have the Internet capacity and more to watch extremely High Definition content, not everybody does. This is why TikiLIVE has upgraded their Video On Demand streaming to allow for adaptive bitrate capabilities on Roku. With this new adaptive streaming, the video starts out at a lower bitrate and continually adjusts to the actual speed of the viewers Internet connection, ensuring that they will have a smooth and pleasant viewing experience.   Broadcasters follow the normal uploading method for adding content to Roku; we still make it as simple as ever. Use our built-in Monster Encoder program, encode the file for Roku and HTML5 compatibilities, and you're done! Once the videos are encoded, it will be availalbe on the TikiLIVE Roku channel for your viewers to enjoy.  


Bandwidth Calculator

To make the process easier, TikiLIVE has added a bandwidth calculator to the upgrade page so users can know exactly what package they will need. Users can place their statistics in the designated area, providing their expected viewers, broadcasting and viewing bitrate, plus broadcasting time, and the calculator will provide them with the recommended package. If someone is unsure, this tool takes out all the worry, calculating the required package based on the broadcaster’s expectations.  


PPV Earnings

For users who want to host their own live Pay Per View events or VOD content, even channel subscriptions, TikiLIVE offers this capability for anyone to use. Make a profit on live sports events, premium movies, or monthly subscriptions for exclusive access. This is just another great way to create a revenue source off of content that users already have access too.   Once the event is finished and PayPal is one of the most secure e-commerce businesses used across the world. This is why we have integrated PayPal into our payment system for users purchasing content or subscriptions, and just recently for broadcasters receiving earnings for the PPV and subscription content, making instant funds transfer simple.  


HD Wave for Mac 

Mac computers from Apple are becoming a growing favorite among users everywhere. People are using Apple products more and more so TikiLIVE has taken the step forward and we have developed our own HD Wave for Mac broadcaster. Now Mac users won’t have to resort to third-party broadcasting programs and can stick with the same application that is built directly into the software, providing you with a seamless streaming experience.  


TikiLIVE is dedicated to keeping up with the newest capabilities of technology and as long as these features keep coming, we will keep improving. For more information or any questions you may have about our services, feel free to fill out our contact us form, or call our office at 305.289.4557.