by The TikiLIVE Team on 13 August, 2014

TikiLIVE has launched a brand new channel for all viewers, broadcasters, and visitors; "TikiLIVE How To." Each month we will host a FREE training session for all users to learn about features that best support your needs.


Feel free to make suggestions on what you would like covered, items you would like to discuss, and even talk to our amazing support team LIVE in the chat window during the stream. We will answer all of your questions and even respond to your comments in the section below the stream.


This month's topic will be "How to Create a Pay Per View Event." Learn from our professional how to completely set up and test a channel to stream paid events, how viewers can purchase a ticket, and broadcasters can receive their earnings.


We will hold these streams every month on the 19th based on what you, as our users, would like to know. Tell us what you want to know, and we will answer!



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