by The TikiLIVE team on 2 October, 2014

Stay tuned for the next Upgrade on TikiLIVE!

This October, TikiLIVE will be upgraded to the latest version 5.0.18.

Among the new features that will come with this upgrade is a new 3rd party broadcaster - vMix, a new Software Video Mixer and Switcher.

vMix broadcaster introduces a new technique for live HD video mixing, that you can use for sensational streaming sessions.

With vMix all inputs are in the same place and you can switch between video cameras, video files, audio files and entire playlists.

While switching the video inputs you can also cut, fade, zoom, wipe, slide the video input. These transitions are available with 4 customisable transition buttons for easy access to your favourite effects.

TikiLIVE has integrated this 3rd party application in order to give all its users a possibility to enhance the usual broadcasts and add a new scent to the live streaming events.

In order to use vMix broadcaster you need to have a powerful PC and an excellent internet connection.

Check our manual for more details on video streaming requirements.

Before starting a live streaming session you can also check the manual for some optimal broadcasting tips.