by The TikiLIVE team on 4 December, 2014

TikiLIVE plans a new upgrade to version 6, that will bring new exciting features for all users.

TikiLIVE v.6 will allow broadcasters to transcode their own streams to multiple bitrate resolutions.

At the moment your live broadcasts send a single bitrate stream, that is why we recommend to send a medium-quality stream so that viewers who do not have fast internet connection can watch a stream that is of an acceptable quality.

Once with v6 upgrade, your live stream will be transcoded at multiple bit rates. Broadcasters will be able to select the desired transcoding resolutions and their live sessions will be automatically transcoded to the best possible quality depending on the network conditions of viewers.

Broadcasters will be able to select the transcoding profiles (360p, 480p, 720p) before starting the live broadcast session on their TikiLIVE channels.

Adaptive Bitrate streaming is a technique of detecting users bandwidth capabilities in real time and then adjusting the quality of the video stream accordingly. This results in less buffering, fast start times and overall better experience for both high-speed and low-speed connections.

The ABR Transcoder will improve a viewer's experience by enabling you to deliver streaming sessions with the resolution and bit rate that best matches the viewer's connection speed.