by The TikiLIVE team on 11 May, 2015

You all enjoy the TikiLIVE playlists and the way you can stream 24/7 on the channels, without ever going Offline.


The New Channel Manager will ease your work, as you will be able to create playlists or update them right from your mobile devices.

The New Channel Manager is HTML5 compatible, therefore you won't need to access your PC to update your playlists.

You will be able to access your account and add fresh new videos on the playlist right from your mobile phone!


Moreover, the New Channel Manager allows you to ingest commercials into a video playlist. You will be able to add as many commercials among the videos from the playlist and they will play exactly when scheduled by you.

Your TikiLIVE channels will just like regular TV channels, with commercials breaks betwwen the videos.

The New Channel Manager design will impress you with an easy to use and friendly interface. In just a few minutes you will be able to set up the channel schedule for an entire day.


Don't worry, you won't have to wait for it long. June is the month when you will enjoy the New Channel Manager!