by The TikiLIVE team on 7 July, 2015

This summer, we are releasing TikiLIVE V 6.2.0 including the new Scheduler for your channel programmes.

The new Scheduler will come with a totally new interface and it will replace the current Events section design, in account dashboard area.

Broadcasters will be able to schedule programmes on their channels and set them to repeat according to preselected patters: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. They will also be able to set the completion of the recurrence patters after a specific date or number of occurences.


Main features of the programme scheduler:

  •  HTML5 Ready for all mobile devices - you can update the programming schedule while on the move!
  •  Clean and Crisp TV viewing experience with player out front and center.
  •  Includes EPG (electronic programming guide) view for easy programming searches.
  •  Display an active timeline of the status for easy navigation.
  •  Real time updates on the STB.


Viewers will be able to check the Programme scheduler and check all options for multiple channels quickly!