by The TikiLIVE team on 22 October, 2015

TikiLIVE offers all users the possibility to watch Catch UP TV channels wherever you are.

We have created 3 packages with different worldwide known channels that you can subscribe to.

Our offer includes almost 100 channels divided in Basic, Midrange and Premium packages. The subscription price starts from $1.99 per month.

Among the channels you can select you'll find: CNN, BBC America, Nascar, NBC, MTV, IndiMusic TV, Cartoon Network, ESPN, etc.

HBO, CBS, MLB and Sling channels will soon be available for all TikiLIVE users to watch, based on monthly subscriptions.

The STB we also offer will help you take your favorite channels wherever you go. ATV586 STB is very small and can be connected to whatever TV. In this way you will never miss a show you like. The TikiLIVE Keyboard Remote, will help you navigate on the STB and easily switch between the channels.

The Homepage Scheduler will keep you updated with all ongoing shows on all channels. Scroll down until you find the program you want to watch and simply click on it. The Live preview player will start playing the show.

You cannot find the TV channel you like on TikiLIVE? Just let us know which one is it and we will add it to our list. Feel free to open a support ticket and post yor suggestion. Our team will be happy to hear it!