VOD Transcoder Walkthrough

Full walkthrough of our extremely robust and easy to use Cloud base video encoder.


  • » Run VOD Transcoder
  • » Select Video
  • » Add Video details
  • » Select Encode and choose video quality and encoding formats

Encode any format

VOD Transcoder is the solution to convert almost any known video format into .mp4, .flv or .webm which can be easily streamed.

No limits for video size

As opposite to other video converters on the market, with VOD Transcoder there are no limitations for video size. It can encode any file size – from few seconds to hours.

Keep the video quality as high as initial file

While converting the video file VOD Transcoder uses a multi-threading technique, keeping in the same time the highest video quality possible, making it one of the fastest double-pass encoder on the market today.

Video Stitching

Encode while you stitch as many videos as you want! The User interface allows for frame accurate video stiching of all input formats!

HTML5, Roku and Mobile ready endcoded!

Get your files transcoded simultaneously into webm and mp4 – ready for web, STB or mobile devices!

Encodes and deliver faster than real time

Double-pass video- audio encoder from Tikilive saves you time and money due to speed of processing your video file

Multi-platform output

VOD Transcoder is the solution to convert almost any known video format into .mp4, .flv or .webm which can be easily streamed.

No codec needed

VOD Transcoder works with all Content Delivery Solutions and may be custom configured to support your business needs. While using the video encoder no audio codec or video codec are needed.

Various Screen Sizes Supported

Transcode to low or High Definition quality file for all your video streaming needs

User- friendly interface

Just point, click and send your video to VOD Transcoder. The VOD Transcoder will notify you when the video conversion process is over and your file is ready to preview and publish.

No proprietary Equipment needed

We use the latest technologies for transcoding. All process occurs on the server, so feel free to use your technical assets upon your wish.


Video format not supported? We customize VOD Transcoder for your needs!

The video converter solution from VOD Transcoder is flexible, so no worries if you don’t find your file format in the list! We can customize a solution for you and make VOD Transcoder support your video file transcoding as well!

You may choose from the following monthly packages:

  • » 50 Encodes for $100 per month
  • » 75 Encodes for $150 per month
  • » 250 Encodes for $250 per month
  • » 5,000 Encodes for $500 per month
  • » 50,000 Encodes for $1,000 per month

Enocdes are the number of files produced by VOD Transcoder, not the number of files sent to the encoder. Special pricing for mass encoding products – Contact Us for pricing information. Keep in mind, the more encodes you purchase, the more money you save.