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Destination Las Vegas - Hollywood Car Museum & Adventure Combat Ops

by vegastvproductions
4 years and 9 months ago

Destination Las Vegas takes an in depth behind the scenes look at some of Las Vegas’s best kept secrets and only our viewing audience will be the very few to see our secret gems.

This episode we take you into The Hollywood Cars Museum which features some of the most recognizable and unique cars used in the entertainment industry. We also do a full tour of Adventure Combat Ops. Adventure Combat Ops takes the ultimate tactical video game to a whole new level. You will be prepared and led into a post-apocalyptic world by real American heroes from the US Military Special Ops, who will accompany you as you battle zombies and terrorist with realistic, non-lethal weapons and explosives. Along with your special operative and team, you'll search and recover weapons, gear and enemy intelligence to complete your mission.

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