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Shred and Sparkle * Full Body Workout * Cous Cous Tabouli Salad! Episode 2

by vegastvproductions

Shred and Sparkle full body, free works and fun healthy meal tips!!

TODAY; Workout AND Enjoy our recipe for our easy Cous Cous Tabouli Salad!

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Tabouli Cous Cous ***
WE LOVE having this in the fridge for little healthy bites here and there!

*Boil Tabouli or Cous Cous depending on instructions then cool in the fridge!
*finely chop MINT, PARSELY
*cube and seed TOMATOES and CUCUMBERS
*add whats in your fridge; peppers, olives, carrots, red onions etc...
*season with olive and vinegar or olive oil and lemons!

Our videos are edited and cut for TV Commercial sponsorship please enquire if interested! (6min workout, 6min workout, 6min recipe)

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