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Shred and Sparkle * Q&A with Personal Trainer Liz LaMonica! * Episode 6

by vegastvproductions

Arms, Abs, & Intervals

After this great workout - Personal Trainer Liz LaMonica answers all of your fitness questions from diet to weight loss to muscle mass and leaning out! Stay Tuned!

Do you have a question for Liz? Please contact us and we'd love to give you some answers and advice!
Shred and Sparkle!

Shot, audio and edited by Tyler Leavitt of
Music by Tyler Leavitt

Fitness trainer Liz LaMonica and Workout enthusiast and BFF Angelique Gorges share workouts and recipes for you xoxo

Our videos are edited and cut for TV Commercial sponsorship please enquire if interested! (6min workout, 6min workout, 6min recipe)

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