by The TikiLIVE team on 9 January, 2015

A set top box is a device that connects to the Internet and streams video content to a television. These devices work similarly to cable boxes in that you typically have a channel guide to control what you are watching.

As we watched the rise in popularity of STBs, we knew it was important for us to offer this option to allow users. The next upgrade on TikiLIVE will increase the number of STB options available for you.

TikiLIVE has included the most popular STBs from the market and also our own White label STB product that allow users to create their own IPTV networks with little effort.


Roku set top boxes are the most popular STBs on the market. Roku offers an easy to use graphical interface that makes watching digital content extremely easy. You can have your live streaming TikiLIVE channel and your encoded videos playing in your large screen TV.

Apple TV

TikiLIVE users can now also broadcast their video content to Apple TV set top boxes thanks to AirPlay, Apple’s new streaming technology. AirPlay allows users to instantly stream any video content from their iPad or iPhone to their Apple TV.


In much the same way that you can watch your TikiLIVE content on an Apple TV device through AirPlay, TikiLIVE also offers full support for Google’s popular Chromecast device. Simply access your TikiLIVE content on your mobile device and “cast” it to your TV with the simply click of a button. This will allow your users to enjoy your content on their TVs as opposed to a smaller mobile device.

Android STB

Stay ahead of the times using the new Android STB. Having a user-friendly graphical interface the Android STB  provides access to all IPTV services: watching Live TV with interactive features, using Electronic Program Guide (EPG), enjoy Video on Demand movies and many more. Once the Android TV Box is connected to the HDMI interface of TV, it will convert the regular TV into a Smart TV which works like a giant tablet.

White Label Set Top Box

At TikiLIVE we look at our white label set top box as the best HTML5 set top box on the market. Using a white label set top box offers a number of large advantages over some of the other set top box options listed above: customized branding, content management and control and full HTML5 support.

TikiLIVE’s set top box offers full HTML5 support to ensure that your content is delivered reliably at all times.