by The TikiLIVE team on 23 July, 2015

TikiLIVE will increase the benefits of its Affiliates. It's been a while since we have developed a completely transparent rewards system that lets you earn commission through the TikiLIVE Affiliates Compensation Plan.

Now we want to add more benefits for our business partners and increase their income.

At the moment, Affiliates earn 12% for every new registered user they bring to the website and purchases a broadcaster package subscription.

The TikiLIVE Affiliates Rewards program also allows you to earn 12% of the signup fee for every TikiLIVE Affiliate you are responsible for signing up. There is no additional effort on your end beyond getting them to register as the intuitive TikiLIVE Shopping cart makes it easy for your customers to join the affiliate program and it automatically credits you with your earnings.


Moreover, once with the next upgrade on TikiLIVE, Affiliates will earn commisions from selling STBes. Whenever a user purchases set top boxes, he has the option to insert the Affiliate Referral ID on Checkout page. A commision from that sale will go to Affiliate.

The same option will be available for users who upgrade their account. If they have an Affiliate ID, they can introduce it directly on Checkout page, before submitting the payment. Therefore a comission from that payment will go directly to the Affiliate.


Stay tuned for the next upgrade on TikiLIVE and don't waste any time, Become an Affiliate today!