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Catching With Instruction

by reeladventures

Florida Keys Reel Adventures is the name of my business for a reason, It means something. I am teaching, guiding and instructing. You are my crew and mate. You are hands on. You are really doing it! Many other operators have a mate at an extra +$100 or so per trip. Not with me. You are catching your fish. You learn how and act on the techniques for what it takes to make it happen. Your mate will set lines, create the action required to get the bite, set up on the fish, fight it to a safe position and......hand you the rod to finish it. Did you catch it? Not at all in my opinion. I am working with you in reality. You get on my program and you will win. Some people get step 1 and succeed. Some get to level 4 and see what attention to detail yields. Every trip is different, but you are the second most important variable in your success on my boat. You are really fishing on my boat because I operate in reality. That;s the difference between me and the next guy. The value is the experience you earn on my trips.

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